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Hotel VoIP Solution

Many hotels have already adopted VoIP as the preferred solution for providing telephony services to their customers.

Unified management and ease of integration reduce the maintenance costs and effort involved with traditional hotel phone systems including the total cost of ownership of VoIP telephony system versus traditional analog one. VoIP uses the hotel’s broadband network to enable in-room telephony. With VoIP each new in-room phone is just another node in the hotel network which can be easily managed remotely. In addition hotels can leverage from interconnecting with VoIP service providers to cut long distance and international costs and to profit from increased margins.

DooxSwitch provides a suitable solution for hotel billing of VoIP and other services. The solution enables hotels to provide in-room telephony services and long distance calling. In addition DooxSwitch can serve as a centralized hotel billing and accounting solution and can seamlessly integrate with hotel management applications.

Who can use DooxSwitch Hotel Solution?

DooxSwitch provides an end-to-end voice solution for the Hotel business.

Core features include:

  • Easy to configure centralized interface for rooms and in-room phones
  • Call accounting and billing for long distance services
  • Call accounting and billing for voice applications
  • Connect hotels chains with multiple locations via VoIP
  • Lower long distance and international costs by leveraging VoIP rates
  • Real time call authorization and call routing
  • Real time call rating, costing and margin calculations
  • Call failover of up to 5 best routes for best end user experience
  • Invoicing of telephony, room and service charges
  • Taxation of charges
  • Comprehensive calls reports
  • Comprehensive revenue assurance reports and cost analysis reports

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