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There are many reasons why companies are willing to switch to VoIP but some of the most compelling reasons are: substantial cost savings on long distance calls, eliminating telecom charges on calls between company locations, control and security of calls, ease of integration, flexibility and mobility of employees, a gamut of enhanced voice features and applications, consolidated network and cost management and many more.

DooxSwitch provides a unified platform for management of enterprise VoIP. Companies can install multiple PBX systems at any location and use DooxSwitch for call routing and call accounting. The system offers a indispensable reporting functionality to optimize voice traffic and to track costs. . DooxSwitch provides best of class customizable PBX features to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Who can use DooxSwitch Enterprise VoIP solution?

  • Companies which want to optimize long distance and international call costs
  • Companies whose staff works from home or whose employees are often on the go
  • Large corporations with geographically dispersed locations
  • Companies who want to easily manage and offer enhanced IVR services
  • Companies who want to control and secure calls within the corporation
  • Companies who want to provide and control enhanced PBX features
  • Companies who want to track and/or record calls of employees
  • Companies who want to internally “charge” divisions for used telephony services
  • Service providers who want to implement hosted enterprises services

The DooxSwitch Solution

  • Unified friendly user interface for managing multiple pops
  • Flexible mechanism for managing long distance providers and routes
  • Flexible priority routing based on: priority, cost, quality, prefix match for maximum margins
  • Real time call authorization and call routing
  • Real time call rating, costing and margin calculations
  • Call failover of up to 5 best termination routes for best employee experience
  • Comprehensive cost analysis reports
  • Comprehensive traffic reports for assessing routes performance
  • Switch agnostic – use either our end-to-end packages with cost saving open source software or couple with commercial switches of your choice

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