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Calling Cards

The Calling Cards remains a major segment in the enhanced telephony services.

Calling Cards operators usually target niche markets segmented by various demographic or ethnic characteristics. Calling Cards have been especially popular for making low cost international calls.

DooxSwitch offers a turnkey Calling Cards solution. Backed by its carrier grade real time call authorization and call accounting platform as well as its flexible billing .

Who can use DooxSwitch Calling Cards solution?

  • ISPs, ASPs and ITSPs who want to extend and enhance their residential and retail services with callback offerings
  • Calling Cards providers who want to enhance their service offerings
  • Call Shop and Internet Café operators who want to expand their service offerings
  • Telephony service providers with established retail networks
  • Call Shop and Internet Café operators who want to expand their service offerings

Solution for the Calling Cards business model.

  • Ability to create multiple prepaid packages in user subscription plans
  • Prepare custom recurring, one time or manual charges and fees
  • Prepare and customize PIN batches
  • Track PIN activation and PN utilization
  • Flexible priority routing based on: priority, cost, quality, prefix match for maximum margins
  • Real time IVR call authorization and call routing
  • One stage and two stage call authorization
  • Real time call rating, costing and margin calculations
  • Call failover of up to 5 best routes for best end user experience
  • Comprehensive revenue assurance reports for profitability analysis
  • Comprehensive traffic reports for assessing routes performance
  • Ready to use package with Asterisk servers

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