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WebRTC web phone

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications, it is a multiplatform revolutionary technology that is focused on embedding real-time communications, such as voice and video, directly within web browsers.

WebRTC provides the functionality of realtime multimedia applications without any installation of additional plugins, downloads or extensions. The ideal form of WebRTC describes such web based Real Time Communication independent of Browser being used by user. It's a Javascript based API originally being developed to develop browser to browser communication applications for Voice, Video and Peer to Peer File Sharing tasks.

In Simple words , you can make a phone call from your browser with installing any software or plugins even from your smart phone

DooxSwitch multi tenant PBX and ACD Call Centers center, is an advanced next-generation voice solution providing WebRTC-enabled communications. With the new DooxSwitch, your business can deliver sophisticated voice interactions, and create a true virtual contact center with industry-first, voice-enabled browser for the agent desktop to manage all aspects of customer interactions.


Security and NAT

WebRTC is secure and allows only encrypted RTP, i.e. SRTP; . The encryption is enforced for both audio and video streams.

Important feature of WebRTC is the ICE mechanism, whose use is also mandatory. Interactive Connectivity Establishment is the most efficient NAT traversal technology when establishing a session in which both clients are trying to find a path for sending media to each other. They will try to connect peer to peer and if this is not possible, they will fall back to media relay server (TURN). This combination enables traversing most NATs. In addition, peer to peer greatly offloads a provider’s network and enhances quality (assuming the peer to peer path check is faster than through the relay server path).

Calling features

  • Outbound dialing / Short numbers
  • Outbound dialing / PSTN
  • Inbound calls (Soon )
  • Click2Dial button (Soon)

Supported Platforms

  • OS: Windows , Mac OS , Android
  • Browsers: Chrome , Opera , Mozilla

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