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White label Multilevel Voip reseller platform

The DooxSwitch.Reseller is a unique stand alone system that will help you to expand the boundaries of your business, to widen the range of services provided to your clients. It allows enrolling of the cloud Internet telephony services easily and quickly on any website with no initial investments for the client. With Doox Reseller module you will be able to setup up a a multi level white label voip reseller system and resell voip services.

How does it work?

VoIP Reselling is a business that looks very similar to Wholesale VoIP. The main difference is that you sell traffic and services to smaller companies that do not have their own switches or billing platforms yet but want to enter VoIP traffic business. These smaller companies sell traffic to their end customers or sub-resellers at prices they set themselves, earning the difference between this prices and what they pay you for the routes. The entire chain of sub-resellers is virtually unlimited.

Whitelabel Multilevel Voip reseller platform

Key Features

  • Separate access for resellers with securely isolated data
  • Ability to use own or free domain
  • Separate rates and margins for each reseller
  • Multi-level billing for the full chain of resellers
  • Profitability reports for each party in the chain
  • Pre-paid billing mode for resellers
  • Virtual PBX, Callshop , Calling Cards
  • Private label sip apps for iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Mapping virtual DID numbers



Virtual Whitelabel PBX

Virtual PBX is a cloud-based service on demand The cloud-based service of a business class office automatic telephone exchange.

Private Label Phone Cards
Private Label Phone Cards (PLPC) are a great way to get in the VoIP business. PLPC allows you to sell and market you own brand, of calling cards. The core advantage of this program is two-fold: first there is very little investment needed upfront to get started, and two, management of the cards is done, in real-time, through the Internet. You have full access to check call details on each card, check card balances, and make analysis on your sales all through one, simple interface.
Whitelabel Call Shop

With DooxSwitch Virtual Callshop solution, owners of multiple callshops and Internet cafés can instantly create an easy manageable business network and provide attractive and user-friendly services to their resellers and callshop clients. Additionally, Internet café/callshops owners may offer their clients prepaid and/or postpaid voice calling, as well as issue their own calling cards using the same platform with no additional investment.

White label voip dialers
Our solution enables you to build, customize and rapidly launch direct to consumer VoIP products, such as our Mobile Application, PC Dialer and Video Phone, with minimal risk and investment. On our comprehensive set of back-office components, you can focus on your sales and marketing efforts, while leaving the development and deployment to us.
Flexible API
Reseller module comes with flexible JSON API to integrate any third party software.Weather is a CRM or a softphone or even a simple contact book it can be easily integrated with Doox Reseller

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