VoIP billing and routing Unified Communications platform overview

DooxSwitch is the industry's leading VoIP billing and routing engine which empowers service providers with all necessary tools to successfully implement a wide variety of business models.

The product features advanced VoIP billing capabilities, dynamic routing system based on least-cost routing (LCR), carrier grade robustness and high scalability to meet the needs of both emerging and established telecoms and service providers.

With unlimited call billing capabilities, DooxSwitch enables providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.

For those who are concrete and business oriented it is essential to be able to meet a specific demand and retain a high ROI.


high-end IoT platform covers all the billing, rating, mediation and provisioning needs of IoT/M2M

Retail VoIP

Join successful Retail VoIP businesses already using full-featured VoIP billing software

Business Telephony

Maintainable telecom billing software perfectly manages with daily processes of Business Telephony providers

Mobile VoIP

VoIP Billing Platform allows Mobile VoIP providers and operators to handle all parts of the billing process effectively


DooxSwitch is a software platform allowing for rapid VoIP services roll-out. It contains all necessary elements required in successful implementation of various VoIP services.


VoIP Billing and accounting

  • Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Authentication by IP, login+password, ANI / DNIS
  • Support of technical and billing prefixes
  • Automatic invoicing and invoice templates
  • Manageable payment terms
  • Subscriptions and Packages
  • Free Minutes
  • Topup vouchers
  • Balance report, payments & debts tracking
  • integrated payment gateways
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency support, international companies

Rates and Routing

  • Unlimited number of tables and rates
  • Rates import and analysis
  • Rates notifications and export
  • Rates manager
  • Rates bulk processing
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Load balancing/sharing for termination endpoints
  • Multiple routing failover plans

Statistics and Reports

  • Summary Report: easy real-time statistics
  • Profitability report: multi-level analysis
  • CDR Detailed Report: per-call information
  • Orig-Term Report: routes and profits tracking
  • Data export to CSV / XLS for post processing
  • Periodic reports and reports to e-mail function
  • Graphic Charts in reports


  • Global Callshop management
  • Unlimited Cabin/Account assignment
  • Active call monitoring
  • Real time Billing
  • Individual Cabin CDR’s
  • Review previous session statistics
  • Review previous session invoice

Security and Encryption

  • VPN tunneling
  • brute force protection with fail2ban
  • Maxmind GeoIP Firewall
  • SMS Verified registrations
  • Password security controls
  • protection against the XSS and SQL injection

Multi tenant Virtual PBX

  • Unlimited number of tables and rates
  • Scheduled routing with time spans
  • Ring Groups
  • Find me, follow me
  • Conditional Call Forwarding per CallerID
  • Call Transfer – blind and attended
  • Music on hold
  • Call parking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • CallerID

White label reseller

  • Separate access for resellers with securely isolated data
  • Ability to use own or free domain
  • Separate rates and margins for each reseller
  • Multi-level billing for the full chain of resellers
  • Profitability reports for each party in the chain
  • Pre-paid billing mode for resellers

DID Pool Management

  • DID Shop
  • DID inventory search / filtering
  • Bulk upload tool
  • DID Status and Assignment visibility
  • Buying/Selling charges support

Calling Card

  • Comprehensive IVR’s
  • Multitple Supported languages
  • Recharge Vouchers
  • Pin or Pin less Dialing

Flexible API

  • Automate the creation of new customer accounts.
  • Automate adding and removing credit from customer accounts.
  • Automate adding phone numbers to customer accounts so they can use local access numbers.
  • Get user info, like balance and current active phone numbers.
  • Special api output for mobile devices.
  • JSON / XML format.

More modules

  • ACD Call Center
  • SMS
  • WebRTC web phone
  • Callback
  • Call widgets

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